Sex Can Relieve Headaches

Goo health - If the headache is attacked, it would do anything to be uncomfortable. Head-senut senut, tense neck muscles, sometimes the eyes are also sore. Some people apply a different treatment. There is a direct swallowing headache medicine, installing patches on his neck, sleep, and so forth. But if the headache is often the case, medications such as what to do? 

"Good Sugar", Key to Staying Slim Body

Goo health - Research shows, mengasup foods contain "good sugar" may be one way to keep the body trim.

According to a recent study published the Journal of Clinical Investigation, maintaining glucose levels in the brain may be an effective stance for someone to avoid eating or snacking temptations that can lead to obesity.

6 Organic Food Myths

Goo health - TREND eating organic foods are starting to increase along with awareness of the importance of dietary factors on health. Some people even willing to spend a larger budget to get a fruit or organic vegetables in the country is relatively still somewhat more expensive than the ordinary kind.

Why Organic Food More Expensive?

Goo health - We will start eating organic food, we might be worried about cost overruns. Not surprisingly, many people associate the concept of organic with higher prices. When observed, agriculture and organic farming was to cost around 50-100 per cent larger than the ordinary type.

More Healthy with Organic Foods

Goo health - To keep the body healthy, we need the intake of foods that have good nutritional value and proven safety. One way that can be considered to fulfill it is to choose organic foods.

Organic food is all kinds of food derived from living organisms (animals and plants) that have no additional chemical content, (pesticides, insecticides, and hormones).

Organic Food Extend Life Expectancy

Goo health - Switching to organic food seems to be considered as an alternative to a more healthy life. Because the use of chemicals in food products on the market today could potentially pose a threat and the alleged originator of the onset of various diseases. 

A recent study published the journal Critical Reviews in Plant Sciences shows that eating organic food products (fruits and vegetables) every day in moderation may extend life, keep your body healthy and maintaining ideal body weight remained.

Found, Virus Busters Cancer Cells

Goo health - Research to discover a cure for cancer continues to be completed by specialists from all over the world. Now present a speck of hope for cancer patients following the discovery of a matchless kind of virus by scientists in Europe.

In the latest study, researchers from LIFE - Faculty of Life Sciences, the University of Copenhagen Denmark found that the vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) has a great potential that was not historicallyin the past known. The virus has great abilities that is, kill the cancer cells as well as cease the expression of definite molecules of the type of hidden cancer cells in the immune technique.