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One in 10 Women Suffering from Breast Cancer

Goo health - One in 10 women will develop breast cancer, caused by modern lifestyles. Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in Indonesia, after cervical cancer.
Prof Tan Yah Yuen of Singapore said the new approach to breast cancer surgery involves removal of the breast with the nipple to maintain. Breast conservation is possible with the help of the Sentinel lymph node examination, using a SPECT gamma camera that can precisely see the spread of cancer cells in lymph nodes affected by it. This facility is already available at Siloam Hospital MRCCC Jakarta.

This was revealed in the Symposium on Breast Cancer Latest Treatment, Liver and Large Intestine. The event was initiated as a manifestation of RS MRCCC Siloam Siloam MRCCC real commitment to good health care for the treatment of cancer. If handled and treated early, will give a better life expectancy. Mentioned, early detection of breast cancer include screening with ultrasound, mammography, breast MRI, biopsy, endoscopic breast surgery, image guided non-surgical ablation for cancers smaller size, needs to be done to treat cancer early.

Symposium which provide added value to practitioners of this cancer, cancer presents about 50 international experts, President of World Gastroenterology Organization Prof. G.N.J Tytgat MD, PhD from the Netherlands; Prof. Harald J. Hoekstra MD, PhD - Professor of Surgical Oncology UNMCG Netherlands, and Prof. Eisuke Fukuma MD PhD - Director of Breast Cancer, Kameda Medical Centre of Japan, and the national cancer surgery expert Dr. Samuel Haryono Spb Onk (K).

In this symposium, is shown also Oncoplastic Surgery in breast cancer patients by Dr. Samuel Haryono Spb Onk (K), together with Prof.. Eisuke Fukuma, MD, PhD, who relayed live from MRCCC Hospital operating room for 200 attendees witnessed a surgeon and internist from all hospitals and medical faculties from all over Indonesia.

Another thing that is appointed as a topic in a three-day symposium and workshop is the liver and colon cancer.

According to Professor Pierce Chow, Asia-Pacific region to bear the burden of 70 percent of all liver cancer incidence (liver) of the world, due to chronic viral hepatitis and Hepatitis B (chronic inflammation of the liver tissue because it is caused by a virus). "But overall, only 5-15 percent of patients diagnosed with liver cancer can undergo surgical removal of cancer, because of liver function is decreased or the presence of liver cirrhosis," added Dr. Hasan Irsan.

In liver cancer patients who can not undergo surgical removal of cancer, ablation techniques can be performed locally (with Percutaneus Ethanol Injection [PEI], microwave coagulation therapy [MCT], and Radiofrekuency Ablation [RFA]). What is meant by Microwave coagulation therapy is heated to a temperature of 600 tumor cells so that the tumor cells die.

"TACE (Trans Arterial Chemo embolization) was used as an adjunct therapy in patients with liver cancer that is minimally invasive. The goal of this therapy is to shrink the tumor cells, improving the quality of life by administering chemotherapy and close the blood vessels that feed tumor cells, "said dr. Soewandi AH from MRCCC Siloam Hospital Jakarta.

Prevention of liver cancer in a person, namely the routine hepatitis B immunization, examination of the AFP, abdominal ultrasound, early diagnosis and early treatment of hepatitis B. With the early diagnosis and early treatment of hepatitis B, will prolong survival and allow early detection of liver cancer. Liver cancer is detected early will have a higher cure rate.

Colorectal cancer (colon) due to, among other things: heredity (genetics), a previous history of patients suffering from benign tumors in the colon, patients suffering from inflammatory bowel disease (Inflamantory Bowel Disease), in addition to diet and exposure to certain substances facilitate the incidence of cancer in a person.

"The earlier the cancer tissue is found, these conditions provide better outcomes for patients, as well as lower mortality rates in patients. The methods used for early detection of colon cancer, outside biopsy, among others: endoscopy, chromoskopi, autofluorescent endoscopy, narrow band imaging, and endomicroscopy, "explained Prof. Emer GNJ Tytgat, President of World Gastroenterology Organization of the Netherlands.

"Therapy of colon cancer is open surgery, laparoscopic surgery (surgery by using an optical fiber that is inserted into the patient's body. This operation allows the incision in the skin that fewer and level of care in hospital is shorter), chemotherapy, and targeted therapy , "said Dr. R. Errawan Wiradisuria.

"The success of treatment and course of cancer therapy is sustained olehalat latest health. RS. Siloam MRCCC linac IX has had a tool for radiotherapy of cancer patient with tehnology IMRT, which enables precise targeting of radiation on cancer cells, supported by PET / CT as the latest technology in detecting cancer. It plays a major role in determining the initial staging and evaluation of the success of cancer therapy (both of Chemo, radiation and surgery). Another thing, PET / CT can also to assess the recurrence / metastasis (spread) of cancer cells in the body, "said Dr. Eko Purnomo SpKn and Hanny Moniaga, CEO of RS. MRCCC Siloam. (KSP)
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