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Diet Antidiabetic

Goo health - Type-2 diabetes is a disease due to lifestyle. Complications of this disease brings deadly disease package. However, the disease is highly preventable, one of them through diet.
1. Eat small portions

How to eat like this reduces the amount of calories into the body. Learn the number of servings recommended by nutritionists for every meal.

2. Reduce fat

Avoid high fat foods and use less oil when frying or sauteing. If possible, use a healthier cooking oil. Do not use oil for frying several times.

3. Limit sources of saturated fat / trans fat

Food sources of saturated fats eg fatty meats, fried foods, full cream milk, cakes, candies, biscuits, pastries, margarine, and many more. Choose a healthy salad dressings like olive oil.

4. Expand fiber

Sources of fiber can be found in cereals made ​​from 100 percent wheat, oatmeal, brown rice, whole wheat bread.

5. Increase fresh vegetables and fruit

Eat a variety of vegetables and fruits every day. Choose fresh fruits and vegetables. Make it 100 percent fruit juice from fresh. Do not added sugar because the fruit is sweet enough. Eat dark leafy vegetables such as broccoli and spinach, orange vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes, waluh, and nuts.

6. Limit the sweet

If possible, avoid fruit-flavored drinks, soda, tea, and coffee is very sweet. Sugar in the drink was very high. This is what makes the stomach so distended.

7. Reduce salt

Use less salt when cooking. If you can not add more salt at the dinner table. Avoid sources of hidden salt, such as pickles, processed meats, canned vegetables.
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