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Diet to Prevent Cancer

Goo health - Cancer is always regarded as the most frightening disease. Perhaps because the main cause is still debated. The experts expressed, lifestyle, including diet, is one cause of cancer. So, what kind of diet that can help us get around the cancer? Nutrition scientist at the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) Karen Collins, MS, RD, CDN, answering our questions about the anti-cancer food.
Are preservatives, nitrates, chemicals and other additives cause cancer?

You know, we often hear stories that connect the various additive materials, chemicals, and dyes with cancer risk. This could have happened. But basically, the evidence has not demonstrated the truth of the relationship. In fact, some of the antioxidant preservative, which can keep us.

I think people are too much with such theories when they are better focused on ways to reduce their risk of cancer with weight loss, exercise, and a healthy diet.

Why are fruits, vegetables, and plant foods seem to protect us from cancer?

Food bernabati possibility of offering protection in several ways. They provide thousands of phyto-chemicals, levels of natural vegetation. Many antioxidants that can keep and repair of DNA. Some antioxidants appear to attack the cancer cells, controlling the growth and spread. Vitamins and minerals in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and nuts also help to produce and repair DNA and control cell growth.

Some foods have a direct effect on some types of cancer. Such as, plant foods contain fiber, which seems to reduce the risk of colon cancer. The indirect benefits of eating foods that are low in fat. Tend to be fewer calories, so we can add the food without getting a lot of calories.

Is organic food the best deterrent against cancer?

Eating organic food is a good option, but not something that should be encouraged to reduce the risk of cancer. You can find studies that show higher organic food nutrition and protection of phytochemicals, but there is also that states do not. Although those concerned with pesticide residues, not all plants contain non-organic pesticides. Less than 1% of content is present in an amount above the tolerance level.

If you choose organic, it's good. However, organic fruit and vegetables cost more. So eat less fruits and vegetables just so you can afford to buy organic, it's not a good idea. People should not put them at risk if they eat foods that are grown conventionally.

How does physical activity affect cancer risk?

Physical activity has a vital role in lowering cancer risk. Directly exercise can reduce insulin levels, inflammasi, and levels of reproductive hormones. Indirectly, the move could help achieve and maintain ideal weight, as well as preventing obesity that occurs in adults when they get older.

American Institute for Cancer Research recommends moderate physical activity, at least 30 minutes a day. If you can afford, you need to reach 60 minutes a day or 30 minutes with the activity that is heavier. This not only protects us from cancer, but also maintain weight.

Is the food like meat or contribute to cancer risk?

There is a pretty convincing between red meat and colon cancer, and possibly other cancers as well. Not just fat, although choosing lean meats are good for nutrition, this is not enough to reduce the risk of cancer. However, you do not have to give up. Ate 1.8 kg of red meat a week is quite safe.

Eating meat that has been processed, such as marinated, injected, smoked, preserved or added to a greater risk of colon cancer. So, should be limited.

In addition, you must be careful with the sodium. More than 2400 milligrams a day will increase the risk of stomach cancer. Alcohol also increases the risk of some cancers. Women should not drink more than one drink a day and men no more than two
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