Poor nutrition has been the Phase Problem "Intensive"

Goo health - Nutrition problems in Indonesia are already in the level of "critical" or concern for the phenomenon of malnutrition did not look exactly like, but real. As stated by Chairman of the DPD Persagi (Association Nutritionist) East Java Andrianto M. Kes on the sidelines of the XIV National Congress and the scientific Persagi Meeting in Surabaya on Saturday (14/11).

Signs of Poor Nutrition Body

Goo health - Thin body and pale face were not the only body symptoms of malnutrition. When the body has an imbalance of calories and nutrients, it will send the signals, ranging from fatigue, difficulty concentrating, until the itching. Any malfunction of the organs of the body caused by malnutrition?

Anemia Heart Disease Risk

Goo health - Iron deficiency causes anemia not only causes the body more easily tired and weary, but it could further increase the risk of heart disease. That's why do not regard lightly anemia.

Anemia is a condition in which the number of red blood cells or hemoglobin is below normal limits. As a result, blood can not transport oxygen in the amount as necessary for the body. .

9 Months Determining

Goo health - What makes us like this now? Why would anyone that's easy to worry, there are more obese and suffering from asthma? How does a person more at risk of heart attack than others?

You can answer a "standard", as we do this because the genes are taken from birth. Our personalities are influenced by upbringing and environmental factors. Our health is affected by lifestyle. But you believe that there are still other effects are greater than all that, the time of our life as a fetus.