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Poor nutrition has been the Phase Problem "Intensive"

Goo health - Nutrition problems in Indonesia are already in the level of "critical" or concern for the phenomenon of malnutrition did not look exactly like, but real. As stated by Chairman of the DPD Persagi (Association Nutritionist) East Java Andrianto M. Kes on the sidelines of the XIV National Congress and the scientific Persagi Meeting in Surabaya on Saturday (14/11).
According Adrianto, a phenomenon that does not appear that these are still high in the case of stunted (short body) among children under five due to poor nutritional intake. "At the national level, more than thirty percent of children under five experience stunted (height growth did not correspond to age), due to low levels of intake of micronutrients or nutrients, especially zinc or zinc that is widely available in animal protein," he said.

And if not immediately addressed, said Adrianto, the problem of malnutrition in children under five will be major implications. In addition to lowering the level of intelligence and productivity of people, malnourished children of this country will eventually become a burden later on.

Jauhari Basuni Abas while researchers from the Center for Development of Nutrition and Food Research Balitbang Ministry of Health stated, the handling of the issue became a key short toddlers solve problems of child nutrition in Indonesia.

Implies a very large short toddlers by donating 72 percent of cases less weight and 63 percent of children with overweight. "Overcoming the short toddlers become a priority because it can overcome the problem of malnutrition in general," he said.

Health Research Data Base 2007 showed the prevalence of stunted among children under five reaches 36.7 percent. Based on the MDG target, the case is expected later in 2015 will fall short toddlers up to about 18 percent.

To handle the problem of malnutrition, Adrianto states, Persagi can not work alone. It takes a strong commitment and a good synergy between the various parties ranging from governments, NGOs, and the business world.

"Because if we can not build a synergy like this we will not be able to handle it," he said.

Meanwhile Hendro H Poedjono, Human Resource and Corporate Affairs Director, Frisian Flag Indonesia (FFI), expressed support and commitment to improve the nutritional quality of the community. He hopes this support will help achieve the MDGs in 2015 to overcome problems malnutirsi.

"To that since 2006, FFI has partnered with Persagi to conduct nutrition education programs to the community in the form of counseling and free consultations on an ongoing basis. Among Nutrition Corner program, Nutri Bus and Car Mobile Nutrition," he said.

Persagi XIV Congress which took place November 12 to 14 at Gramedia Expo Surabaya Center takes the theme "Consolidating Persagi Towards Professionalism Improved Science-Based Nutrition Recent".
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