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9 Months Determining

Goo health - What makes us like this now? Why would anyone that's easy to worry, there are more obese and suffering from asthma? How does a person more at risk of heart attack than others?

You can answer a "standard", as we do this because the genes are taken from birth. Our personalities are influenced by upbringing and environmental factors. Our health is affected by lifestyle. But you believe that there are still other effects are greater than all that, the time of our life as a fetus.
Scientists believe the nutrients that we receive while in the womb, pollution, drugs and infections, maternal health and psychological state when containing, contribute and help shape our health as a baby and continue to affect up to now.

The theory also believe that 9 months of pregnancy have an impact for life and permanently affect the connection system of brain cells and organ function, such as heart, liver and pancreas. This theory departs from the results of studies in the last 10 years.

The experts are now also are investigating the possibility of fetal life affects the intelligence, temperament, and even habits. Previously experts have found links between a person's physical condition, such as diabetes, asthma, obesity, and heart disease, his condition when still a fetus in the womb.

Until now, scientists are still refrain warned expectant mothers about it. But they hope these findings will pave the way for a revolution in public health. Later, the fetus in the womb will become a target of prevention of disease, even before man was born.
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