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Efforts to Restore the Beauty of the Breast

Goo health - The breast cancer patients now do not have to worry about losing the breast on the operating table. Along with the development of science and surgical technology, the operating table also offers a number of options to reconstruct the breast.
Currently, breast cancer is one of the scourge for women. Together with cervical cancer, breast cancer became the biggest cause of death of women in Indonesia.

Besides can be deadly, breast cancer also brings another dilemma for women. Once a woman diagnosed with breast cancer, she seemed to have no choice but to undergo surgical removal of cancer. That is, he will lose a minimal form of breast or breasts changed.

Oncology surgeon from Siloam Hospital Jakarta, Samuel J Haryono, states, such assumption is not entirely correct. In some cases, breast cancer patients can undergo surgery without having to lose the breast, especially in patients with early stage cancer.

According to Samuel, when the size of malignant tumors has not reached 3 cm, patients can undergo breast conservation therapy (BCT). Namely, surgery to remove cancerous tissue and lymph nodes by maintaining the breast, nipple, and areola (brown area surrounding the nipple).

Early detection plays an important role for patients. "Many patients assume that the breast should be removed all the cancer had not spread. This assumption makes the patient afraid of surgery. In fact, if detected early, tumors can be removed without lifting the entire breast tissue, "said Samuel, the end of June.

For patients who belatedly realized in the breast cancer cell growth, the options become limited. One of them, underwent breast removal surgery (mastectomy), which is surgery to remove the tumor and the entire breast tissue, nipple and areola.

Postoperatively, they can undergo breast reconstruction to reshape the breast. This is done to restore the confidence of patients.


Breast reconstruction is a complex procedure that must be performed by surgeons. This can be done after surgery, in which the patient is still under the influence of anesthetic drugs. Still, a few patients who delayed reconstruction to restore their physical and emotional condition.

Before undergoing reconstructive surgery, according to Samuel, the patient should understand the operating procedures. Information on costs, risks, and postoperative recovery and follow-up care of breast reconstruction should be asked in detail to the treating doctor.

According to Samuel, reconstruction procedures were selected based on the patient's condition. If it has not reached an advanced stage, doctors may do a skin sparing mastectomy. In this case, the surgeon maintains the breast skin of the patient so that the reconstruction be done immediately after removal of the cancer. There is also a procedure of nipple sparing mastectomy, removal of breast tissue to preserve the nipple and areola area.

Samuel explained, the reconstruction is done by "patching" the hollow section by taking muscle tissue and fat from the patient's body. Typically, tissue is taken from the abdominal wall or back.

If all breast tissue had removed, the skin of the abdomen can be used as a skin of the breast. The network can also be used to form the nipple and areola.

The use of fat and muscle tissue from the patient's body is considered more practical. "Patients also felt better because it uses his own body parts," said Samuel.

However, if the former tumor cavity is too large, and patients do not have body parts that can be used, he can use breast implants. Implants containing silicone or physiological fluids, such as sodium chloride (NaCl) can be used to reconstruct breasts.

On the use of NaCl, the body will react to a minimum so that the relatively more secure. The silicon was chosen because it is elastic, resembling the human breast. Placement of silicon must be very careful so as not to cause a harmful reaction to the body.

In addition to these procedures, breast reconstruction technology continues to evolve. One of the newest is to develop stem cells that form breast tissue. In this way, patients get back breasts naturally. Unfortunately, the new procedure has not been done in Indonesia.
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