Diabetes Make Age Short

Goo health - This is a reminder of how diabetes will become a serious threat and burden in the future. Recent studies showed that diabetes will not only trigger the risk of serious diseases, but also can cut the life expectancy of a person for several years.

Potato Skin Cancer Drugs Kleci Potentially

Goo health - S3 GMU student, Pearl Nugraheni, managed to find potato skins kleci efficacy as a deterrent growth of cancer cells. These new findings that are scientifically prove potato tubers, especially black has functional components in the cure of disease.

Potatoes kleci or Coleus tuberosus is a black-skinned potatoes of thumb is mostly found in traditional markets. These types of bulbs are usually just steamed for consumption or in the vegetable mixture. But apparently, this small tubers contain antioxidant compounds and antiproliferasi (antiperbanyakan cancer cells) triterpenic acid groups.

Lets Eat Spinach, Prevent Anemia

Goo health - Like to eat spinach that does not mean you can necessarily defeated Brutus, Popeye's nemesis. Beat Popeye Brutus is a privilege. However, at least to like to eat spinach, you will get one type of nutrients from the many other nutrients found in spinach, which can help increase the red blood cells.

Diet to Prevent Cancer

Goo health - Cancer is always regarded as the most frightening disease. Perhaps because the main cause is still debated. The experts expressed, lifestyle, including diet, is one cause of cancer. So, what kind of diet that can help us get around the cancer? Nutrition scientist at the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) Karen Collins, MS, RD, CDN, answering our questions about the anti-cancer food.

Early Detection Key to Fight Ovarian Cancer

Goo health - Ovarian cancer (ovarian) is kind of rare but highly lethal disease and can strike at any time in a woman's life.

Until now, ovarian cancer is known as the "silent killer" because it is usually not found any symptoms until it is known to have spread to other body parts. But now, researchers have found the symptoms associated with ovarian cancer that may help in early detection.