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Linkages Walking Speed ​​and Risk of Death

Goo health - Walking slower not only makes people arrive at the destination longer, but it also indicates a person's risk of dying from heart disorders, according to a recent study in France.
The scientists from research institutions in Paris, Inserm, found that the elderly (seniors) who have a slow running three times greater risk of dying from heart disease or other cardiovascular disease compared to elderly people who walk faster.
Alexis Elbaz, Inserm Director of Research, told Reuters Health said the study published in the journal BMJ iru examination also showed that the speed of walking may be used to check the health of elderly patients.

"The message to society is to maintain fitness in the elderly has important consequences and help preserve life and function of muscle," said Elbaz.

Some previous research has linked it with the walking speed increased health risks including death. But the research does not specify whether the specific cause of death.

To deepen these links, experts on the study for five years. Research which is part of the Three Cities Study involved more than 3,200 men and women who are relatively healthy and aged 65 to 85 years. They live in three cities in France.

In early studies, the scientists assess the health of the elderly and calculate their speed when walking in the corridor as quickly as possible. Over the next five years, there were 209 participants died - 99 percent due to cancer, 59 due to heart disease, and 53 due to infectious diseases and other causes, and overall mortality is almost seven percent.
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