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Reduce Fertility and Make Cell Phone Brain Cancer?

Goo health - A lot of myths circulating about the use of mobile phones or mobile (HP), especially the radiation caused by the communication device. That said, using cell phones can cause tumors and cancer. Really?

"To be honest until now there has been no definitive proof," said Andrew Weil, MD, Director of the Integrative Medicine Program at the College of Medicine, University of Arizona. Mobile phones are often considered to cause brain tumors because it is believed could deliver an electromagnetic wave.

However, the tumor itself takes a long time to develop, can be annual, it could be decades. Thus, this allegation remains to be seen again through the long-term research.

On the one hand, two recent reports invites us not to worry too much. After comparing the habit of calling a mobile phone more than 300 brain cancer patients with healthy people, Japanese researchers claim there is no relationship between the length of time on the phone with the possibility of cancer.

In addition, a six-year study in England around the mobile telecommunications technology and health also found no association between short term mobile phone use (less than 10 years) with brain cancer.
However, other researchers found different results. In Sweden, it was reported in 2006 that we have 240 percent greater risk of brain cancer is dangerous, precisely in the head near the ear that is often used for phone calls.

Other studies even say that using a cell phone for more than 10 years can double the risk of a kind of benign tumors called acoustic neuromas, also a dangerous tumor in the brain and nervous system are called gliomas.

In addition to brain cancer, fertility factors are also often disputed. According to the study, the longer he spoke at HP every day, fewer and fewer healthy sperm. However, the greater the number of abnormal sperm.

Well, while waiting for certainty, better wear a cell phone wisely. Keep the phone from the body by maximizing the use of hands free or wireless headset.
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