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Healthy Lifestyle Able to Reduce Risk of Hypertension

Goo health - High blood pressure should not be underestimated. People with hypertension are two times greater risk of cardiovascular disease, such as strokes and heart attacks, than those without. The good news is, hypertension can be managed with healthy lifestyle.
Dr. Santoso Karo-Karo, hypertension expert from the Harapan Kita Cardiac Hospital on Friday (11 / 9) in Jakarta, said the classified normal blood pressure at 130-139 (systolic or blood pressure when the heart pumps blood into the veins) / 85-89 (or cardiac diastolic relaxation). If blood pressure is always close to the threshold over the years, beware of hypertension.

"After 35 years of age, blood pressure rises. Blood vessels thicken and increasingly stiff, "he said.

Healthy lifestyle, such as diet rich in vegetables, fruits, and low in fat, can lower systolic and diastolic 11.4 points, 5.5 points. Body weight is maintained in the range of 18.5 to 24.9 body mass index (weight (kilograms) divided by height (meters) and then squared). Salt consumption of no more than 2.4 grams per day (sodium) or 6 grams per day (NaCl) and aerobic physical activity such as walking 30 minutes every day.

For patients with hypertension, treatment is useful to reduce morbidity and mortality due to cardiovascular and kidney disease. Among other drug therapy of hypertension with angiotensin receptor blocker class (angiotensin receptor blocker / ARB) such as the Valsartan-Heart Center Kyoto according to the study may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.
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