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Sports in polluted locations, Healthy?

Goo health - Aerobic activity is one way to maintain fitness and health. Unfortunately, that aerobic activity done outdoors, such as jogging or cycling at high ambient air pollution, more or less remained negative impact, especially if you suffer from asthma, lung disorders, or cardiovascular disease.
According to Prof. Edward R Laskowski, MD, a physician member of the American College of Sports Medicine for aerobic exercise, even a low intensity, you will inhale the air 10 times higher than at rest.

In addition, when you exercise you will also more often take a deep breath to the lungs and breathe more often through the mouth so that air was not filtered by the filter system in the nose. This will increase contact with pollutants in the air.

The accumulation of exposure to air pollution and small particles, like dust, aerosols, or smoke, can cause health problems, such as minor damage to the respiratory system in the lungs, increasing the risk of heart attack in elderly women, and increased risk of lung cancer .

Even so, Laskowski suggested that we should not be afraid to exercise. To minimize the impact of air pollution during exercise, he gave the following tips:

- Choose the right time
Should choose a time in the morning when air pollution is not too high. You can also choose the location on the outskirts of town or area of low pollution levels. For you who live in Jakarta, you can try cycling or jogging in the Old City area that is free of motor vehicles.

- Keep your distance
To reduce pollution, work out in a radius of more than 20 meters from the highway due to still high levels of pollution within a radius of 15 meters from the road.

- Indoor Sports
Vary the location of your sport. Every now and then do exercise at the gym or indoor jogging track.
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