5 Reasons You Need More Frequent Kissing

Goo health - Kissing would be nice. That's when we feel so fused with a partner, able to feel the heart beating and blowing his breath. Merging of the lips and tongue that we consider not just happen when we missed him, it has many meanings. You want to know the benefits of good for your body?

Kiss, Not Just Lip Lip Found

Goo health - These two lovebirds who are happy Prince William and Kate Middleton to a first kiss on the balcony of the Palace Buckhingham after the wedding ceremony at Westminster Abbey. In front of the audience and two billion television viewers, they not only kissed once, but twice.

Dangerous Bacteria Swapped from kissing?

Goo health - Kissing is a universal language to show affection or a more intimate kiss can be a prefix to arouse desire. However, because the kiss often involves saliva and tongue, of the exchange of bacteria is often inevitable. This dangerous? 

Less Walk, Brain can shrink

Goo health - Walking distance of six miles or 9.66 kilometers in a week could be a solution to prevent brain shrinkage and against dementia. It delivered a number of U.S. researchers on Wednesday (14/10/2010).

Lower Blood Sugar to Sleep

Goo health - Besides eating and drinking, sleep is a basic human need for healthy living. Enough sleep not only reduces the stress that is felt throughout the day, but also beneficial for lowering blood sugar.

Eating Apples Every Day Powerful Prevent Stroke

Goo health - Never underestimate an apple. Besides the sweet taste, Apples also contain many vitamins, minerals and other elements like phytochemicals, fiber, tannins, baron, tartar acid, and others which is indispensable for the body to prevent and combat various diseases.

Believe it or not, eat an apple or pear a day it can cut your risk of stroke by 50 percent. Nutrition experts believe, contain compounds quercetin in both examples the fruit plays an important role in the fight against stroke.