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Dangerous Bacteria Swapped from kissing?

Goo health - Kissing is a universal language to show affection or a more intimate kiss can be a prefix to arouse desire. However, because the kiss often involves saliva and tongue, of the exchange of bacteria is often inevitable. This dangerous? 
Because our bodies are "home" for a number of bacteria even more than in the cell body, not surprising that the activity of a kiss can lead to exchange of bacteria. 

However, you should not hesitate to kiss because according Dr.Philip M. Tierno, Jr., director of clinical microbiology and immunology from New York University, the majority of bacteria that live in our bodies are not dangerous. 

"Most of the kiss will lead to exchange of flora, sometimes there is danger, there are good germs, but most are not dangerous," he said. 

He explained, from about 500 types of bacteria berbreda in our bodies, only 1 percent are considered pathogens. Even so, if your spouse is ill, you should postpone the activity of kissing it. 

"A kiss of deep bacterial pathogens can cause infection and lead to several types of diseases, such as strep throat and herpes," he said. 

He added that, if you have a spouse or lesions and open sores around the mouth, kissing should be avoided absolutely. Already there are cases of HIV infection in couples one of whom suffer from gum disease. 

In addition to the human kiss, kiss the animals also should be avoided if you're sick. "Pets can carry a fungus, bacteria and pathogenic bacteria in saliva. The worst was the pathogen in cat saliva," he explained.
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