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Kiss, Not Just Lip Lip Found

Goo health - These two lovebirds who are happy Prince William and Kate Middleton to a first kiss on the balcony of the Palace Buckhingham after the wedding ceremony at Westminster Abbey. In front of the audience and two billion television viewers, they not only kissed once, but twice.
Indeed induce a feeling of passionate kissing and intimate. But did you know that kissing was not just lip meets with lip. Kissing also involves a variety of facial muscles, hormones and other body movements.

Researchers from Lafayette College, Pennsylvania said, kissing will increase certain hormones in the brain. The release of hormones is the result of a combination between feelings of love, passion, and feeling relaxed. Holding hands, eye contact and hugging while kissing is also known to reduce levels of stress hormone, cortisol.

The key there is kissing on the lips. But when you do kiss the warm and deep, there were 34 who come to move facial muscles. Meanwhile, a simple kiss that we do using only two facial muscles alone.

Kissing also involves saliva. But according to the study were men more "wet" than women. "There is evidence that in male saliva contains testosterone which will increase the sex drive. Therefore when kissing, men tend to produce more saliva, one of its functions to transfer testosterone to improve sexual desire of women," says Helen Fisher, an anthropologist from Rutgers University .

Beyond these scientific matters, a perfect kiss should also have a rhythm, slowly but long, light and soft, then faster, heats and excites.

A survey also said 66 percent of women and 59 percent of men say the first kiss will affect the quality of relationship longevity. In other words, the way you kiss could make the sticky with your lover, or otherwise, thrown away.
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