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Sports averse? Walk It!

Goo health - Walking is healthy. Therefore, try to give more time for the portion of this activity. Walk a constant basis, at least 10 minutes a day. Longer, even better. The reason is, there are many benefits that we can feel from the habit of walking. Include the following:
Increases energy. Walking regularly, at least 25 minutes per week (done three times a week), can increase the body's energy to 18%. This according to a study from Pennington Biomedical Research Center. That number could rise even higher, if we increase the running time to more than 10 minutes a day.

Avoid Type 2 diabetes. From the Diabetes Prevention Program is known, the person who runs for 150 minutes a week, can reduce the risk of developing diabetes by 58%. However, this is when accompanied by the rate of weight gain of 7% of body weight.

Healthy brain. Research about the link between walking activity and cognitive function, an interesting conclusion. Women who regularly walk with light feet more than 1.5 hours per week, has a very good cognitive abilities, rather than the activity of walking legs no more than 40 minutes a week.

Strengthen bones. Menopausal women are advised to walk as far as 1.6 km on a regular basis. Studies show this habit can increase bone mass and body strength degradation slows bone in his foot.
Heart healthy. It is known from observations of 72 488 nurses from the Nurses' Health Study. Their habit of walking for more than 3 hours a week, making the risk of heart attacks dropped by 35%, compared to women who rarely walk away.

Tips to maintain posture while walkingWhen walking, make sure we have proper posture. Correct posture while walking is important, so we can breathe properly, avoid the risk of back and shoulder pain, and achieve maximum training results. Ideal posture when walking:* Body erect, not limp.* Shoulders straight, not bent forward.* Chin slightly raised, not lowered.* The view straight ahead, directed to objects as far as 3-6 meters.
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