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Tips to Make More Sports Walking Work

Goo health - Walking has many benefits for the body. From helping cardiovascular health, helps blood circulation, as well as burn calories. The harder you hike, the more benefits for your health you can achieve. Here are 7 ways to help ensure that your walking exercise is more beneficial.
1. Adding speed.On average, when walking, a healthy person can reach 1.5 km in 20 minutes. Start with up to 1.5 miles in 15 minutes, or walking with a speed of 5.5 km / hour.

When you've become accustomed, add your pace every two weeks. Feel free to continue to stimulate your body. Our body stores energy much, just that we are more likely to spoil. We need to dispel the fear or feeling tired to know our power. When you walk fast, you also burn calories.

2. Uphill.When you walk on the ground that its contours uphill, you will train your back, thighs, and muscles in the buttocks far more than walking on a flat road. Trying to practice walking in the surrounding houses that are not flat contour will train different muscles on different body parts, because the body must adapt to these locations. If you do not know exactly how far you go, try to bring a watch, walk at least 30 minutes without stopping (15 minutes left, 15 minutes to the house).

3. Use a good shoe.Many people use comfortable shoes for walking. In fact, you really need special shoes for walking or cross trainer shoes to provide the right support and cushioning for the feet. If your shoe size does not fit, can-can hurt, even hurt your foot.

4. Add a little weight.Just a little extra weight can help build your upper body muscles. But do not add more than 1.5 kg of weight per hand. If you are already accustomed to practicing on a regular basis, it is advisable to start holding a load of about 1 kg. Do not let you hold the load is too heavy to change the way or style you are running becomes uncomfortable.

5. Extend step.You do not need to walk up like a brisk walk in the race, but by extending the foot steps and focus on the front and rear thigh muscles as you walk to add power while practicing. You will feel a quick step, similar to jogging, but actually walking the wide steps, you will burn more calories.

6. Vary the speed.This means incorporating a small run with a walk. When your body is picking up speed, he must try to compensate by balancing the calories that are used in the heart and lungs. Every time you force yourself to pick up speed, you increase the level of calorie burning.

7. Roads in place.It was raining outside, or not allow you to walk away? No need to hesitate, you can still walk in place, really. If you have a pedometer, try to calculate the approximate distance you traveled while walking in place.
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