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Walk on the Mall, the New Sports?

Goo health - Moderate exercise such as walking did have great benefits, including reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke, keep your weight and blood pressure control. In fact, the Father of Medicine Hippocrates mentioned walking as the best medicine for humans.
Exercise walking is ideally conducted in an open space. However, for various reasons, especially pollution and limited public space, many people prefer urban walking activity in an enclosed space, one of them at the mall or shopping center.

According to Sara Donovan, author of Mall Walking Madness: Everything You Need to Know to Lose Weight and Have Fun at the Same Time, activities at the mall walking became popular since the opening of the first malls in the United States, the Stockdale, in Minnesota in 1956.

In those days doctors advise patients recovering from heart disease treatment for a walk in the Stockdale because it is free from the weather. Understandably, the city's snowy and windy weather is often tight.

"People who want to exercise then go to the mall Stockdale supported by the management of a store that closed his shop early to get used to exercise," said Donovan.

The Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, USA, since it opened in 1992 even offers a walking program. The mall opened early, ie at 7 am before the stores open to accommodate pedestrians. Widespread throughout the mall is approximately 0.9 square miles, not bad for a workout.

Several other malls and offer similar programs. In addition to the elderly, walking activities at this popular mall pregnant women or new mothers. "The mothers can bring their babies to wear stroler," said Donovan.

Take a walk in the mall is considered more secure than in the open air. "The weather here is very cold, while warmer weather in the mall. We also do not have to worry about slipping. There was also a health facility that is ready to assist if there is a heart attack," said Elayne Gilhousen who regularly walk in the mall with her husband during last 17 years.

According to health experts, walking activities including cardio exercises that can strengthen the heart as when walking, the body is moved rhythmically without stopping for a period of time and involve many joints.
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