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10 Tricks To Could Rise and Shine

Goo health - Actually, everyone must be able to get up early. Because, we all have school and have to be at school at 07.00. Activity when grow up that makes us familiar with the schedule we set yourself. Some people, because of his work, also kept him awake at night and just sleep until early morning.

Therefore, when you have to change that habit to wake up early every day, obviously you feel miserable. However, there are ways to cope with things like this.

1. Stretching
Stretch slowly, such as doing yoga or twisting movements of the body to the right and left. This movement will help the body collect energy, and keep your mind focused. Sense of drift in the head that often occurs due to waking up too early disappeared.

2. Move
Once you are able to get out of bed, do some movement for blood circulation. Doing crunches (lying down with knees bent and raised his head, neck, and shoulders), push-ups, or jumping a light, is also quite helpful.

3. Avoid too much caffeine
Caffeine can make you awake all day, but take it in excess (more than two cups in the morning) can make you weak at midday. One cup is enough to make your energy levels stable.

4. Drink
While sleeping, your body uses stored water and therefore will lose fluids when you wake up. Rehydrating your body with a few glasses of cold water will not only refresh the body, but also helps stimulate the nervous system and your digestion. Drink water before your body is filled with anything.

5. Create a regular schedule
Our body likes consistency. Following the sleep schedule and wake up the same every day will make the body more easily woken in the morning. You will feel more energetic throughout the day.

6. Select the alarm with the soft music
Anyone who would not like to wake to the sound of a deafening alarm. You also can increase the risk of heart attack, because the sound that surprises can worsen the condition of people with heart problems. Select the ringtone on the phone that play soft music, which wake you slowly. If necessary, place the phone a little further so you have to get up to turn it off.

7. Dim light
Turn off the computer or TV one hour before you sleep. Bright light can distract you, so the brain is more difficult to break. By building a more peaceful atmosphere of sleep, you can sleep more soundly, and the body adjusts itself to wake up early.

8. Immediately shower
You know, the hardest thing to do when you wake in the morning is the bathroom? But that's where the key. Immediately shower with cold water to wake up your nervous system, and helps you realize. After a shower, no more feeling lazy because your mind and your body is "wake up".

9. Breakfast
After the "fasted" all night, your body needs energy to move. Breakfast every morning (even if only a loaf of bread with jam or fruit) will make you feel better prepared to face activity early.

10. Breathe in deeply
For some people, getting up early could be the most worrying moments. The shadow of what must be faced in the office, or how to solve problems with a partner, will soon meet the mind. So as soon as you wake up, take time to breathe deeply to calm the body and mind. Start the day with a calm, so that all the activities run in accordance with your good mood.
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