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Chocolate Prevent Heart Disease and "Stroke"

Goo health - Consumption of chocolate was not always bad. Several recent studies indicate that high consumption of chocolate can control insulin sensitivity and regulates blood pressure.

Large-scale study led by Dr. Oscar Franco of the University of Cambridge involving 114,009 volunteers to determine the impact of eating chocolate on the risk of cardiovascular disease, such as heart attacks and strokes.
Some volunteers are known to already exist that have heart problems, while others do not. Furthermore, researchers conducted a comparison between those who ate the most chocolate and a bit.

The result, found that eating lots of chocolate could actually reduce the occurrence of cardiovascular risk. Volunteers who ate chocolate in the maximum number is at 37 percent lower risk of experiencing cardiovascular events compared with those who take it in small amounts.

According to researchers, those who ate the most chocolate had a 29 percent lower risk of stroke than take it in small amounts. In fact, any variation in the consumption of chocolate does not have an impact on the occurrence of heart failure.

However, in this study the researchers did not specify the type of chocolate in question, whether chocolate milk or dark chocolate. Researchers realize that chocolate is very high in calories, which can cause weight gain, thus contributing to heart disease and type-2 diabetes.

Therefore, the researchers concluded that greater emphasis today is how to reduce sugar and fat content of chocolate to reap the most from the consumption of chocolate.

Meanwhile, researchers in Germany to publish its findings in the European Heart Journal found that eating one small square of chocolate every day can lower blood pressure and heart disease risk.

The research was based on observations made during 10 years, involving 19 357 volunteers aged between 35 and 65 years. Once observed, the researchers found that volunteers who ate chocolate average of 7.5 grams per day had lower blood pressure and 39 percent less likely to suffer the risk of heart attack or stroke than those who ate chocolate average of 1.7 grams/day
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