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Healthy Benefits of Chocolate

Goo health - Nothing wrong with a gift of chocolate to be one of the most widely shared in this Valentine's Day. Until now the chocolate tree is called "food of the Lord". Fairy tales in various cultures mention chocolate consumption is associated with health, strength, and enhancing arousal.

Chocolate tree, whose fruits contain seeds that can be processed into chocolate, was found about 2,000 years ago in the tropical American rain forest. Go down the nation's first eating chocolate is the Maya (250-900 BC). They mix cocoa beans with a certain spice to offset the bitter and spicy taste before making beverages.
For the Mayans, chocolate fruit is a symbol of life and fertility. The fruit is also often presented in religious rituals, including weddings. In Mexico, the Aztecs believe people who eat chocolate will be overflowing with the fruit of wisdom and strength.

In 1519, the Europeans are new to brown when the fruit is brought Spanish sailor who brought this plant. From the king's favorite drink, chocolate and then spread throughout Europe and for centuries known only as noble beverage.

Chocolate's reputation as a passionate afrosidiak or enhancing foods originated from the French nobility. Casanova, renowned womanizer, known to have a habit of drinking chocolate before the erotic adventures with many women.

Although better known as afrosidiak, it turns out the content of phenylethylamine in chocolate just a little. Phenylethylamine (PEA) or also called "love drug" relates to the regulation of physical energy, mood and attention. The body will issue a PEA when there was so emotional euphoria blood pressure and heart rate increase. But the scientists found no evidence that the PEA in the diet can increase the PEA in the brain.

Chocolate is also believed to affect the psychology of a person by arousing feelings of pleasure and positive. It is pointed out by a researcher from the University of Cambridge that the distinctive aroma of chocolate with the texture and taste that "sweep" gives the sensation of its own.

The content of PEA-owned chocolate also became one of the possible causes generating these feelings. This is because the content is similar amphetanine a substance that increases the uptake of tryptophan into the brain and eventually produce dopamine. Impact of dopamine is what led to feelings of pleasure and improved mood.

To be sure, recent research found that dark chocolate contains flavonoids that are rich in pure, resembling those found in tea, red wine, fruits and vegetables. Research also found a small serving of dark chocolate will improve blood circulation and reduce the risk of diabetes.

But beware, candy chocolate and chocolate packaging is sold usually contain saturated fat and high sugar. To get the healthful effects, pure dark chocolate is recommended.
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