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How Important Breast Size?

Goo health - In contrast to most women who crave size and large dense breasts, Jessica Simpson, actress and singer from the United States, is rumored to actually perform breast reduction measures before her wedding day in mid-September this year.
Simpson said the surgery was intended to be her wedding dress is not too small, and by her physical appearance as a whole in the future. Simpson is known to have breast size above average. 

Liked or not, the fact that most men are more attracted to women with large breast size. He is attracted to a woman's breast size as well as women care about penis size men. Most women also feel more confident if her breasts tight and solid. 

However, man's interest in their partner's breasts depends on the duration of the relationship that is being lived. Men who are single tend to like women with attractive physical appearance, body shape or the beautiful large breasted. But after they have a partner who loved physical appearance is no longer the main thing. 

Therefore a woman should not have to worry about the size of the breasts, let alone to reckless conduct in order to satisfy man's breast implants. After all, the results of breast surgery no matter how well will not guarantee a man turned to another heart. 

In addition to excessive breast size also appeared to cause many problems, such as chronic pain in the upper back, neck, and shoulders. Also tend to be poor posture and sporting activities also becomes difficult. 

According to experts at the Mayo Clinic, an analysis of 29 studies conducted on more than 4,000 women who underwent breast surgery shrink suggests that such procedures improve their physical symptoms. The benefits include the easing headaches, back pain, also due to soreness in the shoulder bra strap pressure.
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