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Let the Chocolate Diet

Goo helath - Having excess body weight, often makes you stay away from chocolate. But did you know that chocolate can also be used as a menu alternative to dieting?

In Europe, dark chocolate to be one tool that can help you lose weight. Because with a bar of chocolate, you can forget your diet for satiety.

"One bar of chocolate can improve blood sugar content in the body. This will provide satiety stimuli to the brain," said Louis Tanuhadi, Brand Ambassador Tulip Chocolate Chocolate School Class at the show on Thursday (7/10/2010) ago.

Even though your stomach is empty, eating chocolate will make you feel full. Do not be surprised, young children often forbidden to eat the chocolate before eating rice.

However, not all chocolate can be a means to diet. Dark chocolate containing bitter taste that remains strong is the chocolate that can be used for the diet. If you use another type of chocolate that has a wide mix of sweetness, your diet will not work.

Well, Do you still afraid of overweight due to eating chocolate?
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