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Why Girls Love Eating Chocolate While End?

Goo health - When stress, whether it's because of the breakup, the heavy workload, or family problems, women are usually looking for an outlet with a good meal. One of the most popular foods to be comfort food is chocolate. Apparently, there is a scientific explanation of why chocolate is so choice when women's breakup.

The new female partners tend to be decided unilaterally by the "run" into chocolate (the British women also choose the wine) because their bodies are trying to seek compensation for addiction to love. In love relationships, romance (although it's in a situation that is less happy) that is a natural opiate.

Rejection in love is associated with brain activity associated with the desire to consume certain foods. Seen that the human instinct to seek motivation and self-defense becomes active when they are reminded of the failed relationship.

By linking certain areas of the brain with the rejection of love, the researchers showed that feelings of sadness may follow the moment of breakup. In the context of a more severe, may lead to extreme behavior, such as a former spy, murder, even suicide.

"Our findings suggest that the pain of the rejection of love can be an important part of life that is in our anatomy and physiology," said Dr. Lucy Brown of Yeshiva University. "Restoration of the natural, such as looking for a new lover, is also present in our physiology."

Well, as it looks for new partner is not easy, she then turned to brown to recuperate.
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