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Organic Food Extend Life Expectancy

Goo health - Switching to organic food seems to be considered as an alternative to a more healthy life. Because the use of chemicals in food products on the market today could potentially pose a threat and the alleged originator of the onset of various diseases. 

A recent study published the journal Critical Reviews in Plant Sciences shows that eating organic food products (fruits and vegetables) every day in moderation may extend life, keep your body healthy and maintaining ideal body weight remained.
Organic foods can be defined as all foods produced with as little as possible or entirely free of chemical elements (fertilizer, peptisida, hormones, and drugs). 

According to a study by experts from Britain, France and Poland, fruits and vegetables that are grown without artificial fertilizers generally contain more nutrients, including vitamin C. Thus, consumption of organic food can extend the average lifespan of a man 25 days, and the woman 17 days. 

"They're a bit lucky to be alive even longer a few months and even up to five years," said the researchers. 

Dr Kirsten Brandt, the lead researcher from Newcastle University, as well as observers about the quality of food and health said, organic food can increase the quality of a person's health in general. In addition, plays an important role in helping the body burn fat and maintain ideal body weight remained. 

"The numbers are quite relevant, based on all information available. Most people probably will not live long, but you can get some luck to extend the life of several months, and even up to five years, by eating organic foods," he concluded.
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