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More Healthy with Organic Foods

Goo health - To keep the body healthy, we need the intake of foods that have good nutritional value and proven safety. One way that can be considered to fulfill it is to choose organic foods.

Organic food is all kinds of food derived from living organisms (animals and plants) that have no additional chemical content, (pesticides, insecticides, and hormones).

According to naturopathy experts DR. dr. Siregar Amarullah Ph.D long ago, the benefits of organic foods have been examined to improve the ability of the body against degenerative process, prevent exposure to free radicals, cell regeneration and optimization of antibodies.

"In fact, some research suggests, organic milk has more nutritional content of 60-80 percent compared to conventional milk. Whereas, such as tomatoes, potatoes, onions, cabbage has a 20-40 percent more antioxidants than conventional fruit and vegetables," he said.

Amarullah also said that, for healthy living organically is not always expensive. This can be tricked by the plants begin menananam home.

 "Kan do not have to buy at the supermarket. Now the problem, that we can organically grow your own. For example, like planting spinach, mustard greens, kale, is not it stay planted in pots," said Amarullah.

According Amarullah, had actually been there from the government program that encourages every household to plant all sorts of plants that are to be consumed alone, called the Family or Toga Medicinal Plants. But unfortunately, the program can not teralisasikan well.

In fact, with the toga is expected in the future people are not easy to get sick. How, by eating a healthy diet-cultured itself and is guaranteed free of chemicals.

"Like the farmers in Bantul after eating, organic food, so the less the pain level. So for example once a month illness, with perhaps only once a year it's sick, "he explained.

Amarullah also emphasized, Toga basically not for treatment, but rather to plant vegetables are healthy, thus preventing illness. "Toga is not a cure concept, the concept is to make people healthy with the food. That's exactly the mission of family medicine plants," he said.

Jakarta environmental conditions that are no longer green, the concept of Toga is very likely to be applied. But the problem is that so, how much awareness of healthy people to want to live organically, which it can be started from each environment first.
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