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6 Sex Position of Comfort for Women

Goo health - You want to enjoy the sex session as much as men? Do not hesitate to show the position of a pleasant and comfortable for you. Because there are certain definite ML position you will enjoy, and of course to the him, too. Try was one, or all, tonight!

1. Woman on topBasically, a position that is comfortable for women who enable us to control. Woman on top, for example, gives us a feeling energetic and playful. When we are in control, we can decide whether to have an orgasm through clitoral stimulation or G-Spot. Both types of orgasms can indeed be obtained through this position. To get a clitoral orgasm, you can lean your body forward while arching her back, and crotch guard remains at the base of the penis. In order to actually touch a sensitive spot and increase sensitivity, move your body sideways, not up and down. Meanwhile, to maximize the stimulation of the G-Spot, bend your body slightly to the back while resting on both hands.

2. SitBased on the mood, sometimes we also want to do a quick sex than sex marathon which takes a long time. Advantages perform intercourse in a position like this is, you can quickly gain pleasure through G-Spot stimulation. In addition, the actual position of the conventional can give you spontaneous surprises. For example, you do not have sex on the bed only, but also on the couch in the living room. Weakness, head of the penis is rubbing the inside of the vagina with a certain angle would cause the pair difficult to control the orgasm, so it often will experience premature ejaculation.

3. MissionaryThis position is the most conventional, and convenient for both men and women. It also gives a feeling that is so close to the couple, because we are dealing in a position so much easier to touch, look, smell, whatever you want. Just because the missionary position is quite unusual, does not mean we can not make it special. Movement and shake your body as well as the he is the key. Do the twist with your hips, because every angle can provide a different pleasure.

4. CAT positionThe position of the CAT (coital alignment technique) enables him to stimulate your clitoris during intercourse, making possible to reach orgasm increased by 50 percent. The opportunity to have an orgasm together is also greater. To obtain this position he needs to lay himself on top of your body, but forward about 5-10 cm from the missionary position. Squeeze your legs straight, while the second leg pair is placed on either side of your foot. Thus, the penis will touch the clitoris directly. All you have to do is raising the hip down. This stimulation process is to be built slowly, but the result is a very intense clitoral orgasm for you.

5. Doggy styleArguably, this is the position favored by men. Touching The G-Spot from different angles allowing full stimulation of the penis, as well as if done from behind like doggy style. This position also gives the impression of wild, so it will encourage men and women. For you to easily enjoy this position, make sure you've done enough foreplay. To add to the sensation, he guided her hand to stimulate the clitoris.

6. Sideways position (side-by-side)This position will be beneficial for men who tend to experience premature ejaculation. By his side, space is limited, so the sex session would be longer and fun. Your role here is to move your pelvis constantly, so that the sensation has increased. The couple also will keep an erection. As in the missionary, sideways facing position also allows you to caress each other, staring, and praised the couple.
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