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iPad Help Children with Impaired Vision

Goo health - iPad, a phenomenal output of Apple products, it could potentially become a tool to improve communication skills and eyesight of children who suffer from severe visual impairment. The experts even refer to a tablet computer creations of the late Steve Jobs could be a tool "modifier therapy of life".

Membrane disturbance of vision is severe neurological disorder caused by damage to the brain so that children are not able to interpret visual information.

Muriel Saunders, researchers from the University of Kansas Life Span Institute, doing research on how children respond to the buttons adaptive, a device used to teach children with special needs and abilities related to early language development, using the iPad.

"We gave 15 children aged three to four years who suffered damage to the lining of sight to play with the iPad. The result was astounding. They not only look directly at people and objects but also focus on the rays of the iPad and interact with objects on the screen," says Saunders .

Children with impaired vision membranes usually do vision therapy with parents and therapists wear shiny boxes, boxes that are often used as a doctor to see the results of x-rays, so they are easier to see the light and objects in high contrast.

"People who suffer from impaired vision bsia membrane spend much time looking at the light. They sometimes just sit and watch the light from inside the house or see the sunlight from the window. They can see something through, but they do not see faces and objects. So they are like the blind , "he explained.

iPad, which can be like a box bersiinar, has an application called Baby Finger, where children can knock pictures and colors that appear in the form of a white background.

"With the application child is able to interact with objects that previously had never seen the parents," added Saunders who is now being put forward a proposal to conduct national research on the benefits of IPAD as a therapeutic tool.

Parents of children with visual impairment were the first to realize that the iPad potential as a therapeutic tool. However, according to Saunders so far there has been no formal research conducted to assess the ability of the iPad in helping children with special needs.

Meanwhile iPad is also known to help children with autism to adapt to sensory overload. "IPad not only helps them interact with the screen but also help them how to control what he sees on the screen," said Saunders.

He added that early intervention in the lives of children with special needs are very important in its development, including improved visual function as adults. With proper technique, brain cells can be stimulated to begin to understand what the eye sees, so the ability to recognize images increases.

"IPAD can bring enormous benefits, especially in the ability to see the kids," he said.
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