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Upgrade Your Missionary Style!

Goo health - The missionary position is considered as the standard sexual positions, and is often considered boring. The couple chose this style when they are in early stages of running a sex as a duty only, not to explore the pleasures of each pair. Standard position was also not "challenging", not like the style of woman on top, spooning, or reverse cowgirl.

However, you really should not give up the style of that standard. "Most people do not realize that the missionary allows many variations, and will let your nerves in a broader sense, as well as the ease of orgasm," said Lori Buckley, PsyD, sex therapist in Pasadena, California.

In fact, 33 percent of women say that the missionary is their favorite style, according to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. For men, at the top position also allows them to control the speed and prolong orgasms. Well, if you do not want the missionary position you become a real standard, first upgrade your movements.

Shifted 5 cmMissionary style is often considered not allow you to perform a clitoral contact more, but you can make adjustments to get it. When the he was on top, ask for it shifts to the top 5 cm so that the base of his penis directly aligned with your clitoris, says Ian Kerner, PhD, sex therapist who is also the author of She Comes First. Then, with your legs wrapped around her thighs, press your genital area together so you create the pressure, moving the rocking motion. When you are able to feel sensation in the clitoris, it means that your movements are correct.

Pull both knees to chestWhen couples are on top, pull your knees toward your chest (you can draw your hamstrings to help you do it), and put one or both of your feet flat on the chest. "Doing this can make the tip of his cock directly in contact with the cervix, and this sensation will be very exciting for women," said Sadie Allison, DHS, author of Ride 'Em Cowgirl.

Take controlAlthough your position at the bottom, does not mean you can not control the movement you want. Stick out one of your legs on his shoulders, while the other leg remains stretched out straight in bed (you can also bend your knees, with feet firmly on the bed dijejakkan). With the speed that you can set yourself, change the position of one leg so the foot is on his shoulders, and the other leg on the bed. Up and down movement of your feet will create a sensation of "sweep" the G-spot area with a vengeance, says Kerner.

Change the angle of penetrationWake your nerves by adjusting the angle of penetration. "Lie down, and asked the couple to put her knees as she sat between your legs, so her ass stuck in her ankle," says Lou Paget, sex expert and author of The Great Lover Playbook. "He can use his thigh strength to push forward, or ask him to hold your hips to control the speed."

This position will stimulate the bottom of the vaginal wall, which contains nerves that are often overlooked when you perform a standard missionary style.

Pressed his footContrary impression of movement at the top, but it also drew the feet can increase the pleasure you want. When penetration, bring your legs together in a state so that the legs are straight out of your feet. Then squeeze on you (like when you hold urination) to create friction between the lip Ms V with his penis.

"The entrance to the vagina-called inner and outer labia, filled with nerves that are activated with this type of shallow penetration," said Allison. You also can step back and hold on to the wall or the back of the bed to get more friction and resistance.

Prepare a "sex toy"Props greatest sex you can get straight in bed. "Put a pillow under your lower back to bring up your vagina," suggests Paget. "In this way, his penis will touch the front wall of the G-spot where you are."

To get a bigger thrill, try putting your palm on the buttocks, to control the speed and rhythm of movement.
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