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Choosing carefully Chicken Meat

Goo health - People should be cautious and selective when choosing chicken. Chicken needs to increase during Ramadan, the individual that can be exploited by irresponsible selling unhealthy chickens consumed.

"Meat chickens are not healthy, it is usually sold rather cheap," said Head of Department of Agriculture, Marine Affairs and Fisheries Chaidar Chairulsyah Balikpapan, on Tuesday (09/08/2011).

Recognizing the chickens that are not physically healthy or contaminated, according to Chaidar, sometimes difficult for the layman. "If only the eyes visible, invisible features," said Chaidar.

According Chaidar, it has to anticipate the circulation of healthy chickens that are not fielded a team with the traditional markets Balikpapan. "The meat from chickens that have been infected with bird flu or chicken tiren (died yesterday), not to circulate in Aberdeen," he said.

Aberdeen Mayor Rizal Effendi, had mentioned that the citizens of Aberdeen chickens need at about 25,000 pieces per day.
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