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Circumcision Reduce the Risk of AIDS to 60 Percent

Goo health - HIV / AIDS transmission can occur through sexual intercourse. However, if male circumcision (circumcision), the risk of transmission can be reduced by more than 60 percent.

In the international AIDS forum held in Rome, Italy, this week, experts presented the latest scientific evidence are three benefits of circumcision to prevent HIV infection.

"Circumcision is the prevention of simple, inexpensive, takes only 20 minutes and is done once in a lifetime," said David Lewis of the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa.

In a trial in 2006 in Kenya, Uganda, and South Africa, the risk of HIV transmission can be reduced by half. Long-term studies show circumcision has even greater benefits than is known.

The experts said the benefits of circumcision as a "vaccine through the operation" because it has a preventive effect of an effective and inexpensive.

For that, experts continue to campaign the importance of circumcision in men from the countries of sub-Saharan Africa that became "home" for one third of the 33 million people living with HIV / AIDS in the world.

In mid 2010 an estimated 175,000 procedures performed circumcision in over 13 countries which is a priority country under the World Agency for AIDS Prevention.

Recent studies conducted between 2007 and 2010 in the provincial city of Orange Farm, which has done 20,000 procedures sirkumisisi especially in the age group 15-24 years which is the most sexually active group.

In a conference in Rome diprensentasikan benefits of circumcision as follows:

- Men who were circumcised claimed they were more sexually aroused. This was revealed in a study of 316 men, average age 22 years who underwent circumcision procedure between February and September 2009.

A year after surgery, 220 men said they were sexually active and a quarter use a condom during sex. Approximately 87.7 percent said there was no difficulty in achieving orgasm after circumcision and 92.3 percent claimed more passionate.

- Newly circumcised men feel they are no different from uncircumcised men in practicing safe sex. The conclusion was the result of interviews with 2207 men in Kenya, six months postoperatively.

It is to answer the fears of experts that circumcised men will refuse to protect themselves from HIV infection.

Novel winner in 2008, Francoise Barre-Sinoussi, who discovered HIV as the cause of AIDS, said, excessive self-confidence in men who are circumcised have been well founded.

"No one can guarantee protection to 100 percent, even though the vaccine. Stop thinking one is enough safeguards. The procedures of circumcision is part of efforts to protect themselves but also the use of condoms," he said.

Protective benefit of circumcision is not found in women who have sex with men infected with HIV. The same also applies to homosexual men who have sex with people with HIV AIDS.
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