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Food Cause Headaches

Goo health - Have you ever complained of dizziness after returning from the feast, either after enjoying lamb satay, or barbecue? Sudden head-senut senut, when the air was so hot, or you sleep enough? Is it true that the food be the cause? Because you feel not too often enjoy meaty foods like this: in a typical day you tend to eat more healthy.

The experts argue, the possibility of people experience headaches caused by certain foods. Citrus fruits could trigger a headache, because people who eat them may lack the enzyme. This enzyme is needed to neutralize amines in foods. When food that has enjoyed high levels of amines but without the enzyme, that's when the headache began.

There is also a new theory that shows that when we crave certain foods (certainly not while pregnant), when the body was giving a signal of impending migraine. This type of migraine can actually be predicted in advance, because eating these foods may not trigger pain every time. These foods can also cooperate with other triggers (such as stress) that could affect the migraine.

Seeing so many food choices around us, maybe it helps us begin to notice what goes into our mouths. Note how certain foods affect the body, so the next time you can avoid headaches. This food is considered to be a cause of headache:1. Old cheese, and cheese that contain tyramine, a natural substance that is formed when food age increases. High levels of tyramine has been shown to cause hypertension. Cheese in various forms, such as blue cheese, brie, cheddar, Stilton, feta, gorgonzola, mozzarella, Muenster, Parmesan, Swiss, and other cheeses that have been processed often contain a high tyramine.

2. Other foods that are canned, or processed, high levels of tyramine her. If you do not really remember what you ate before, try to remember how your body's reaction if you eat pickles, olives, and canned soups. Nuts also contain tyramine which can trigger headaches, especially fava, pinto, garbanzo, and green beans.

3. Alcohol, which can encourage a headache when ingested in the body. Give more attention as you enjoy red wine, beer, whiskey and champagne. Type of beverage is identified as a trigger headaches.

4. There is still a huge list of other foods that can cause headaches and migraines. You may be surprised, because it turns out peanut butter, potato chips, pizza, fresh fruits such as kiwi, peaches, and raspberries, bread and biscuits, are some of them.
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