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Strawberry, Press Cancer and Heart Disease Risk

Goo health - Who does not know the little red fruit that is tempting. Behind the attractive red color, this fruit has lots of features.
The content of phytonutrients from fruits strawberries are rich in phenols, phenol content of anthocyanins and ellagitanin not only causes strawberry red in color but is also rich in antioxidants so good for the heart, anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory.

Ellagitanin themselves are often said to be able to reduce the risk of cancer, because with regular strawberry eating habits can reduce cancer risk as much as threefold. This is stated in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

The content of vitamin C in strawberry itself can not be underestimated, Annals of the rheumatic Diseases conducted a study of 20 000 individuals who suffered from polyarthritis and proved that the individuals who eat the fruits that contain little vitamin C will experience arthritis more often than not.

So how does it consume? Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry advised to consume them in new circumstances and fresh cut. Rinse and store them in a temperature of 5 degrees Celsius, and do not consume more than 6 days because of its vitamin C content is reduced by 5%. For a varied diet, consume with vegetables so that it becomes a fruit salad. Occasionally, make strawberry juice.
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