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Why Organic Food More Expensive?

Goo health - We will start eating organic food, we might be worried about cost overruns. Not surprisingly, many people associate the concept of organic with higher prices. When observed, agriculture and organic farming was to cost around 50-100 per cent larger than the ordinary type.

There are many things that became the reason. For example, most organic farming and ranching business has a smaller scale than the ordinary farm or ranch. In addition, more work needs to grow crops and raise livestock without the aid of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and drugs. Plus, spending on organic feed for livestock also costs twice as much as usual.

Actually, we do not need to replace all food ingredients be organic. If worried about the content of pesticides, buy organics for food most often consumed every day (read the Organic Foods More Nutritious Not Always). In order for monthly expenditure does not necessarily swollen, apply these steps:

* Buy in bulk when we can spend it, or save it before it breaks.
* Customize your menu plan with foods that are special promo price.
* Compare prices of fresh organic material, frozen, canned, or dried. Whatever the form of packaging, organic ingredients can still feel pleasure during processed appropriately.
* Shop at the supermarket that has organic food business.
* Grow your own organic fruits and vegetables in the yard.

If the situation does not allow for shopping too often organic ingredients, we can reduce the levels of pesticides in food by washing vegetables and fruits with liquid dishwashing soap. Use a brush if possible, then rinse with water flowing through the remnants of soap is lost completely. For fruits such as musty, pears, and peaches, peeled before being given to children. However, do not forget that eating fruits and vegetables contain non-organic pesticides, although still better than not eating vegetables and fruit at all.

What also needs to be observed, switch to organic food does not guarantee it would feel more comfortable. There is no real evidence to warrant this. However, organic food is usually fresher because it does not contain preservatives, and must be consumed immediately. The more fresh food, the more delicious flavor.

Resource Persons: Dr. John C. Chandrawinata, MND, SpGK, clinical nutrition specialist from Melinda's Hospital, London
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