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Trends in Switch On Heterosexual Transmission of HIV

Goo health - Since 2008, the trend of HIV / AIDS transmission is switched from drug addicts to heterosexual behavior. Of heterosexual behavior, the number of positive men with HIV / AIDS is higher than women, with the dominant age of 20-29 years.

Coordinating the National Scientific Meeting (Pernas) IV AIDS Yanri Subrongto said, the trend of transmission change due to various factors. For factors of drug addicts, it's been many therapies that have been done, so a lot of addicts who had recovered. Meanwhile, from his own heterokseksual factors, there is no regulation of commercial sex workers (CSW).

"PSK can go anywhere without being limited rules, and could carry the virus. This is what triggers an increase in cases of HIV / AIDS," he said in a Press Conference at National AIDS Conference IV in Yogyakarta on Wednesday (09/21/2011)

He added that HIV / AIDS cases in Indonesia have increased. Even today, the number of children who had positive HIV / AIDS are also more and more. According to him, it can happen because the child's mother had first brought the virus.

In Yogyakarta alone, the number of people living with HIV / AIDS also has increased eight percent from a year ago. Based Riswanto statement, Secretary of DIY AIDS Commission, the number reached 1363 people. Approximately 120 people of them, actually comes from outside Yogyakarta.

"For in Yogyakarta alone, the case also became the highest common factor heterosexual transmission of the virus. In fact, this is already happening in the junior high kids," he added.

Increase in HIV cases in Indonesia, according to Pernas AIDS Media Center IV, Syaiful W. Harahap because Indonesia does not have an early detection test.

"In Malaysia, there is a surveillance test imposed on all pregnant women. That way, from the very beginning, the HIV virus was so predictable," he explained.

Of the cases of increased HIV / AIDS in Indonesia, according to Yanri, not limited to just doing therapy for the prevention. He thinks there needs to be a health system that supports the involvement of various stakeholders.

One thing above all else, he added, there needs to educate the public on HIV / AIDS. Education can be done with the involvement of physicians in each clinic.

"The use of condoms in the community is still low. Since 2006, no more than 20 percent of men who use it."  

(Olivia Levi Pramesti)
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