Survey: Most Liked Missionary Position

Goo health - Despite the sometimes wild ideas are needed to enrich the sex session, but the missionary position or the man on top remains a favorite of many couples. In a survey revealed 36 percent of respondents prefer a position of "classic" is a variation than other positions.

Food Cause Headaches

Goo health - Have you ever complained of dizziness after returning from the feast, either after enjoying lamb satay, or barbecue? Sudden head-senut senut, when the air was so hot, or you sleep enough? Is it true that the food be the cause? Because you feel not too often enjoy meaty foods like this: in a typical day you tend to eat more healthy.

First Aid At Headaches

Goo health - Your fingers can help relieve headaches. Therapy with this finger will make you feel better in no time.

Choosing carefully Chicken Meat

Goo health - People should be cautious and selective when choosing chicken. Chicken needs to increase during Ramadan, the individual that can be exploited by irresponsible selling unhealthy chickens consumed.