Eating Fasting Dates, Heart So Okay

Goo health - Fasting turns out to have health benefits, could be a therapy for healing of some degenerative diseases. Dates are commonly served during Ramadan contain nutrients that can prevent heart disease.

Healthy Lifestyle Able to Reduce Risk of Hypertension

Goo health - High blood pressure should not be underestimated. People with hypertension are two times greater risk of cardiovascular disease, such as strokes and heart attacks, than those without. The good news is, hypertension can be managed with healthy lifestyle.

Sports in polluted locations, Healthy?

Goo health - Aerobic activity is one way to maintain fitness and health. Unfortunately, that aerobic activity done outdoors, such as jogging or cycling at high ambient air pollution, more or less remained negative impact, especially if you suffer from asthma, lung disorders, or cardiovascular disease.

Why Girls Love Eating Chocolate While End?

Goo health - When stress, whether it's because of the breakup, the heavy workload, or family problems, women are usually looking for an outlet with a good meal. One of the most popular foods to be comfort food is chocolate. Apparently, there is a scientific explanation of why chocolate is so choice when women's breakup.

Let the Chocolate Diet

Goo helath - Having excess body weight, often makes you stay away from chocolate. But did you know that chocolate can also be used as a menu alternative to dieting?

In Europe, dark chocolate to be one tool that can help you lose weight. Because with a bar of chocolate, you can forget your diet for satiety.