Dates, to Treat Hypertension Might Add

Goo health - Although the date is not a fruit native to Indonesia, the fruit has been popular among our society. However, whether the benefits of date palm fruit as popular as those from the Middle East know this?

Control of Hypertension Without Medication

Goo health - If left unchecked, the long-term hypertension can damage the brain, heart, blood vessels, and kidneys. Fortunately, hypertension, including diseases that can be controlled and avoided, even without medication.

Strawberry, Press Cancer and Heart Disease Risk

Goo health - Who does not know the little red fruit that is tempting. Behind the attractive red color, this fruit has lots of features.

Healthy Benefits of Chocolate

Goo health - Nothing wrong with a gift of chocolate to be one of the most widely shared in this Valentine's Day. Until now the chocolate tree is called "food of the Lord". Fairy tales in various cultures mention chocolate consumption is associated with health, strength, and enhancing arousal.

Chocolate tree, whose fruits contain seeds that can be processed into chocolate, was found about 2,000 years ago in the tropical American rain forest. Go down the nation's first eating chocolate is the Maya (250-900 BC). They mix cocoa beans with a certain spice to offset the bitter and spicy taste before making beverages.

Chocolate Prevent Heart Disease and "Stroke"

Goo health - Consumption of chocolate was not always bad. Several recent studies indicate that high consumption of chocolate can control insulin sensitivity and regulates blood pressure.

Large-scale study led by Dr. Oscar Franco of the University of Cambridge involving 114,009 volunteers to determine the impact of eating chocolate on the risk of cardiovascular disease, such as heart attacks and strokes.