Circumcision Reduce the Risk of AIDS to 60 Percent

Goo health - HIV / AIDS transmission can occur through sexual intercourse. However, if male circumcision (circumcision), the risk of transmission can be reduced by more than 60 percent.

In the international AIDS forum held in Rome, Italy, this week, experts presented the latest scientific evidence are three benefits of circumcision to prevent HIV infection.

Trends in Switch On Heterosexual Transmission of HIV

Goo health - Since 2008, the trend of HIV / AIDS transmission is switched from drug addicts to heterosexual behavior. Of heterosexual behavior, the number of positive men with HIV / AIDS is higher than women, with the dominant age of 20-29 years.

Upgrade Your Missionary Style!

Goo health - The missionary position is considered as the standard sexual positions, and is often considered boring. The couple chose this style when they are in early stages of running a sex as a duty only, not to explore the pleasures of each pair. Standard position was also not "challenging", not like the style of woman on top, spooning, or reverse cowgirl.

6 Sex Position of Comfort for Women

Goo health - You want to enjoy the sex session as much as men? Do not hesitate to show the position of a pleasant and comfortable for you. Because there are certain definite ML position you will enjoy, and of course to the him, too. Try was one, or all, tonight!

iPad Help Children with Impaired Vision

Goo health - iPad, a phenomenal output of Apple products, it could potentially become a tool to improve communication skills and eyesight of children who suffer from severe visual impairment. The experts even refer to a tablet computer creations of the late Steve Jobs could be a tool "modifier therapy of life".

Steve Jobs, Pancreatic Cancer, Smoking and Diabetes

Goo health - Steve Jobs is pancreatic cancer, just like actor Patrick Swayze, who died of pancreatic cancer in September 2009. Here is a little about pancreatic cancer who quoted from Sol Goldman, John Hopkins Medical Center and WebMD. This article is part of the book Fat Loss Weight Loss DIABETES notes which will be released shortly. Diabetes is associated with the pancreas.

Relieve Headaches

Goo health - Often plagued by unbearable headaches? There are several things that can be the cause. For example, or abdominal stress was not friendly. Often times you need a solution, but reluctant to keep taking painkillers head-counter. For that, you can try the following ways, in order to relieve pain and get back on the move.

Number of People Fat People Hunger Exceeded

Goo health - The number of people who are overweight globally excess has now exceeded the starving population. However, suffering from malnutrition due to food crisis continues to rise. Warned that the International Federation of Red Cross delivered.