Reduce Fertility and Make Cell Phone Brain Cancer?

Goo health - A lot of myths circulating about the use of mobile phones or mobile (HP), especially the radiation caused by the communication device. That said, using cell phones can cause tumors and cancer. Really?

6 Unforeseen Causes Headaches

Goo health - Every year, about 90 percent of the global population suffer from headaches at least once, ranging from mild to chronic. WHO even mention the headache is the most rare diseases are not diagnosed and treated.

Meat, Different Types of Different Nutritional

Goo health - Many people are afraid to eat red meat for health reasons. In fact, if processed correctly and not excessive consumption of red meat is safe for health.

Beware of Brain Cancer Pain in the Head If peaking

Goo health - You often have a headache that recurs in the same head? If so, you need to suspect the pain. Therefore, it is not possible, the pain was an early symptom of brain cancer.

8 Food Healer Headaches

Goo health - There are different types of headaches with different levels. But one thing in common is a headache coming make any form of activity becomes disturbed.

Survey: Most Liked Missionary Position

Goo health - Despite the sometimes wild ideas are needed to enrich the sex session, but the missionary position or the man on top remains a favorite of many couples. In a survey revealed 36 percent of respondents prefer a position of "classic" is a variation than other positions.

Food Cause Headaches

Goo health - Have you ever complained of dizziness after returning from the feast, either after enjoying lamb satay, or barbecue? Sudden head-senut senut, when the air was so hot, or you sleep enough? Is it true that the food be the cause? Because you feel not too often enjoy meaty foods like this: in a typical day you tend to eat more healthy.

First Aid At Headaches

Goo health - Your fingers can help relieve headaches. Therapy with this finger will make you feel better in no time.

Choosing carefully Chicken Meat

Goo health - People should be cautious and selective when choosing chicken. Chicken needs to increase during Ramadan, the individual that can be exploited by irresponsible selling unhealthy chickens consumed.

Circumcision Reduce the Risk of AIDS to 60 Percent

Goo health - HIV / AIDS transmission can occur through sexual intercourse. However, if male circumcision (circumcision), the risk of transmission can be reduced by more than 60 percent.

In the international AIDS forum held in Rome, Italy, this week, experts presented the latest scientific evidence are three benefits of circumcision to prevent HIV infection.

Trends in Switch On Heterosexual Transmission of HIV

Goo health - Since 2008, the trend of HIV / AIDS transmission is switched from drug addicts to heterosexual behavior. Of heterosexual behavior, the number of positive men with HIV / AIDS is higher than women, with the dominant age of 20-29 years.

Upgrade Your Missionary Style!

Goo health - The missionary position is considered as the standard sexual positions, and is often considered boring. The couple chose this style when they are in early stages of running a sex as a duty only, not to explore the pleasures of each pair. Standard position was also not "challenging", not like the style of woman on top, spooning, or reverse cowgirl.

6 Sex Position of Comfort for Women

Goo health - You want to enjoy the sex session as much as men? Do not hesitate to show the position of a pleasant and comfortable for you. Because there are certain definite ML position you will enjoy, and of course to the him, too. Try was one, or all, tonight!

iPad Help Children with Impaired Vision

Goo health - iPad, a phenomenal output of Apple products, it could potentially become a tool to improve communication skills and eyesight of children who suffer from severe visual impairment. The experts even refer to a tablet computer creations of the late Steve Jobs could be a tool "modifier therapy of life".

Steve Jobs, Pancreatic Cancer, Smoking and Diabetes

Goo health - Steve Jobs is pancreatic cancer, just like actor Patrick Swayze, who died of pancreatic cancer in September 2009. Here is a little about pancreatic cancer who quoted from Sol Goldman, John Hopkins Medical Center and WebMD. This article is part of the book Fat Loss Weight Loss DIABETES notes which will be released shortly. Diabetes is associated with the pancreas.

Relieve Headaches

Goo health - Often plagued by unbearable headaches? There are several things that can be the cause. For example, or abdominal stress was not friendly. Often times you need a solution, but reluctant to keep taking painkillers head-counter. For that, you can try the following ways, in order to relieve pain and get back on the move.

Number of People Fat People Hunger Exceeded

Goo health - The number of people who are overweight globally excess has now exceeded the starving population. However, suffering from malnutrition due to food crisis continues to rise. Warned that the International Federation of Red Cross delivered.

Sex Can Relieve Headaches

Goo health - If the headache is attacked, it would do anything to be uncomfortable. Head-senut senut, tense neck muscles, sometimes the eyes are also sore. Some people apply a different treatment. There is a direct swallowing headache medicine, installing patches on his neck, sleep, and so forth. But if the headache is often the case, medications such as what to do? 

"Good Sugar", Key to Staying Slim Body

Goo health - Research shows, mengasup foods contain "good sugar" may be one way to keep the body trim.

According to a recent study published the Journal of Clinical Investigation, maintaining glucose levels in the brain may be an effective stance for someone to avoid eating or snacking temptations that can lead to obesity.

6 Organic Food Myths

Goo health - TREND eating organic foods are starting to increase along with awareness of the importance of dietary factors on health. Some people even willing to spend a larger budget to get a fruit or organic vegetables in the country is relatively still somewhat more expensive than the ordinary kind.

Why Organic Food More Expensive?

Goo health - We will start eating organic food, we might be worried about cost overruns. Not surprisingly, many people associate the concept of organic with higher prices. When observed, agriculture and organic farming was to cost around 50-100 per cent larger than the ordinary type.

More Healthy with Organic Foods

Goo health - To keep the body healthy, we need the intake of foods that have good nutritional value and proven safety. One way that can be considered to fulfill it is to choose organic foods.

Organic food is all kinds of food derived from living organisms (animals and plants) that have no additional chemical content, (pesticides, insecticides, and hormones).

Organic Food Extend Life Expectancy

Goo health - Switching to organic food seems to be considered as an alternative to a more healthy life. Because the use of chemicals in food products on the market today could potentially pose a threat and the alleged originator of the onset of various diseases. 

A recent study published the journal Critical Reviews in Plant Sciences shows that eating organic food products (fruits and vegetables) every day in moderation may extend life, keep your body healthy and maintaining ideal body weight remained.

Found, Virus Busters Cancer Cells

Goo health - Research to discover a cure for cancer continues to be completed by specialists from all over the world. Now present a speck of hope for cancer patients following the discovery of a matchless kind of virus by scientists in Europe.

In the latest study, researchers from LIFE - Faculty of Life Sciences, the University of Copenhagen Denmark found that the vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) has a great potential that was not historicallyin the past known. The virus has great abilities that is, kill the cancer cells as well as cease the expression of definite molecules of the type of hidden cancer cells in the immune technique.

Diabetes Make Age Short

Goo health - This is a reminder of how diabetes will become a serious threat and burden in the future. Recent studies showed that diabetes will not only trigger the risk of serious diseases, but also can cut the life expectancy of a person for several years.

Potato Skin Cancer Drugs Kleci Potentially

Goo health - S3 GMU student, Pearl Nugraheni, managed to find potato skins kleci efficacy as a deterrent growth of cancer cells. These new findings that are scientifically prove potato tubers, especially black has functional components in the cure of disease.

Potatoes kleci or Coleus tuberosus is a black-skinned potatoes of thumb is mostly found in traditional markets. These types of bulbs are usually just steamed for consumption or in the vegetable mixture. But apparently, this small tubers contain antioxidant compounds and antiproliferasi (antiperbanyakan cancer cells) triterpenic acid groups.

Lets Eat Spinach, Prevent Anemia

Goo health - Like to eat spinach that does not mean you can necessarily defeated Brutus, Popeye's nemesis. Beat Popeye Brutus is a privilege. However, at least to like to eat spinach, you will get one type of nutrients from the many other nutrients found in spinach, which can help increase the red blood cells.

Diet to Prevent Cancer

Goo health - Cancer is always regarded as the most frightening disease. Perhaps because the main cause is still debated. The experts expressed, lifestyle, including diet, is one cause of cancer. So, what kind of diet that can help us get around the cancer? Nutrition scientist at the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) Karen Collins, MS, RD, CDN, answering our questions about the anti-cancer food.

Early Detection Key to Fight Ovarian Cancer

Goo health - Ovarian cancer (ovarian) is kind of rare but highly lethal disease and can strike at any time in a woman's life.

Until now, ovarian cancer is known as the "silent killer" because it is usually not found any symptoms until it is known to have spread to other body parts. But now, researchers have found the symptoms associated with ovarian cancer that may help in early detection.

By walking reduces the risk of breast cancer

Goo health - To reduce the risk of breast cancer, we do not need to exercise extreme. Even with the walk we are able to maintain breast health significantly. Never too late to feel the benefits.

In a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, scientists found that women who regularly exercise a brisk walk at the end of the age of 30 and 40 years had a risk of breast cancer is lower than their counterparts who are lazy to move.

Why diabetics No Smoking?

Goo health - Smoking is detrimental to the health of all people. But for people with diabetes (diabetes), tobacco smoke would aggravate the complications of the disease.

3P Recognize Symptoms of Diabetes

Goo health - Diabetes mellitus has become a rapidly growing pandemic. The disease is estimated to cause four million deaths per year, almost equal to death from HIV / AIDS. 2000 data indicate diabetes mellitus affects 8.4 million people and will increase to 21.3 million in 2030.

Danger Bra Too Tight

Goo health - A bra that has a wire on the bottom can indeed contribute to better breast appearance. Breasts go up and look fuller. But then came the notion that underwire bras can cause breast cancer.

Shocking news came about the year 1995, from the research results Sidney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer in the United States, against 4700 women. In the book Dressed to Kill, the two scientists stated, the use of a bra associated with the incidence of breast cancer.

One in 10 Women Suffering from Breast Cancer

Goo health - One in 10 women will develop breast cancer, caused by modern lifestyles. Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in Indonesia, after cervical cancer.

Many of Fiber Prevent Breast Cancer

Goo health - Research in China has recently argued, women who consume lots of fiber are less likely suffering from breast cancer than those who ate little fiber.

This research does not directly prove the fibers as lowering the risk of cancer. But, however, women who eat lots of fiber as a whole they are healthier than those who ate no fiber at all.

When incubating Ovarian Cysts

Goo health - Most of the women in this country, perhaps, not yet fully understand the function of the ovary (ovarian). In fact, the ovary is one of the "property" is important for women who must be kept and maintained as well as possible.

Each woman has two ovaries on the right and left. The size of a walnut. Ovarian function to produce an egg cell fertilized ovum alias, which is produced every month by women, from puberty until menopause.

Tips to Make More Sports Walking Work

Goo health - Walking has many benefits for the body. From helping cardiovascular health, helps blood circulation, as well as burn calories. The harder you hike, the more benefits for your health you can achieve. Here are 7 ways to help ensure that your walking exercise is more beneficial.

Walk on the Mall, the New Sports?

Goo health - Moderate exercise such as walking did have great benefits, including reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke, keep your weight and blood pressure control. In fact, the Father of Medicine Hippocrates mentioned walking as the best medicine for humans.

Many Walk, Diabetes Away

Goo health - Walking is an aerobic sport that is known both for fitness and heart health. Cheap sport is actually also be done for you who want to stay away from diabetes mellitus.

Diet Antidiabetic

Goo health - Type-2 diabetes is a disease due to lifestyle. Complications of this disease brings deadly disease package. However, the disease is highly preventable, one of them through diet.

Efforts to Restore the Beauty of the Breast

Goo health - The breast cancer patients now do not have to worry about losing the breast on the operating table. Along with the development of science and surgical technology, the operating table also offers a number of options to reconstruct the breast.

How Important Breast Size?

Goo health - In contrast to most women who crave size and large dense breasts, Jessica Simpson, actress and singer from the United States, is rumored to actually perform breast reduction measures before her wedding day in mid-September this year.

Defects in Fetus Can Be Prevented

Goo health - It was nothing more terrifying for pregnant women in addition to knowing the baby likely to be birth defects or death experience. However, scientists in this modern era actually believe much can be done by the mother before and during pregnancy to reduce the risk of fetal defects.

Some of the precautions that can be done even simpler and anyone who wants to lead a healthy life. "Every woman in childbearing age should be aware of what needs to be done to stay healthy," said Dr. Michael Kartz, professor of child health from Columbia University, USA.

Poor nutrition has been the Phase Problem "Intensive"

Goo health - Nutrition problems in Indonesia are already in the level of "critical" or concern for the phenomenon of malnutrition did not look exactly like, but real. As stated by Chairman of the DPD Persagi (Association Nutritionist) East Java Andrianto M. Kes on the sidelines of the XIV National Congress and the scientific Persagi Meeting in Surabaya on Saturday (14/11).

Signs of Poor Nutrition Body

Goo health - Thin body and pale face were not the only body symptoms of malnutrition. When the body has an imbalance of calories and nutrients, it will send the signals, ranging from fatigue, difficulty concentrating, until the itching. Any malfunction of the organs of the body caused by malnutrition?

Anemia Heart Disease Risk

Goo health - Iron deficiency causes anemia not only causes the body more easily tired and weary, but it could further increase the risk of heart disease. That's why do not regard lightly anemia.

Anemia is a condition in which the number of red blood cells or hemoglobin is below normal limits. As a result, blood can not transport oxygen in the amount as necessary for the body. .

9 Months Determining

Goo health - What makes us like this now? Why would anyone that's easy to worry, there are more obese and suffering from asthma? How does a person more at risk of heart attack than others?

You can answer a "standard", as we do this because the genes are taken from birth. Our personalities are influenced by upbringing and environmental factors. Our health is affected by lifestyle. But you believe that there are still other effects are greater than all that, the time of our life as a fetus.

Linkages Walking Speed ​​and Risk of Death

Goo health - Walking slower not only makes people arrive at the destination longer, but it also indicates a person's risk of dying from heart disorders, according to a recent study in France.

Sports averse? Walk It!

Goo health - Walking is healthy. Therefore, try to give more time for the portion of this activity. Walk a constant basis, at least 10 minutes a day. Longer, even better. The reason is, there are many benefits that we can feel from the habit of walking. Include the following:

Blessing Youth Walk

Goo health - Want to look younger than actual age is cheaper and healthier? Walk alone. This happens because by foot, the cells of our body will get enough oxygen and the production of collagen is more active. This is beneficial for the skin because the humidity is always awake.